Stay alert to sexual predators!

The purpose of this blog was to tell the true story about this man we called "Daren". Unfortunately, Daren is not the only one doing this, he is not the only sexual predator on social networks. It´s very important to stay alert to the "red flags" that might show up when we meet someone on social media. Don´t be quick to accept friendship with unknown people. Stay alert to the signs that might indicate that that person is not who she claims to be. Avoid getting emotionally hurt or even worse.
There is a Tv show in the U.S called "Catfish", where people who pretend to be someone else on social media, not necessarily sexual predators, are put to discovered. Maybe you can have a look at it. It might also help you to identify fake people you are talking to.
Always ask to see the person on Skype, face time Whatsapp call, before accepting to engage in any type of relationship. Remember, if someone claims to love you, he will manage to find a way to talk with yo…

The suicide of a sexual predator

Following having been discovered, Daren´s live entered in a spiral of self-destruction.  His wife tried to stand by him, despite what she was feeling. She new the other side of Daren. She new he was not only the monster who lived on social networks. She wanted to help him to overcome that addiction, and stayed.  Daren though, was entering into a deep depression. He started to realize what he had done, the lives he had destroyed, the pain he had caused to his wife, relatives and friends. All the weight of his bad actions was falling on his shoulders now. He was awakening for what he had don, and was not being able to deal with it. Daren´s wife always stood by his side. She was worried with him and at the same time she had to deal with her feelings, the feelings of having been betrayed, having her self-esteem broken, and dealing with Daren´s depression. Also her was in the edge of breaking down.
Daren started to have thoughts of suicide. Has time went by, he had more and more problems …

The sexual perversions come to an end

When Cathy confronted Daren with what she had discovered, his first reaction was to cancel his personal Facebook account. The plan was doing as he had always done when discovered - make the character disappear. This time though, it was not a virtual character, who could be deleted. It was himself! Daren figure it out fast that canceling his Facebook profile was to admit he was guilty, and Daren was not yet ready to admit what he had been doing.  He reactivated his account and show surprise toward the accusations Cathy was making. He said that he was not understanding what was happening, that there had to be some mistake! And now the strategy changed - the best defense is the attack.
Daren again closed his personal Facebook account and now had a difficult task ahead - telling his wife - his own version of the facts, of course! Daren Told his wife that he had met a women on Facebook that had friends in common with them, that knew the place where they had been living before and that he …

The sexual pervert is caught up

While time was passing by, Daren became reckless, looking for more dangerous situations, defying his own  laws, just arrogantly thinking that he was smarter then everybody else and allowing the situation getting out of control, even being caught by his wife once again and swearing her that its was the last time, that he was really repentant and it would never happen again. Once more, the poor thing believed in him, and forgave him. But Daren continued living this double life. Noteworthy is that when his wife caught him, he was using a legit profile. So we can´t blame her for what was happening. She had no clue about Daren was doing.
While Daren was still talking with Laura, he met another women. in fact this was a practice, talking and having virtual relations with several women at the same time. This time, thought, this would undercover him and change him for good.
This women, to whom we will call Cathy, was from the Algarve, in the south of Portugal. Cathy was divorced and was half…

Braking a family apart

It was summer. Daren was surfing in his fake Facebook account, looking for preys. He added women randomly. lots of women. They just needed to look sharp and Daren would automatically add them. He came across a woman called Laura*.  in her profile picture she was wearing a striped dress with many different colors. She was smiling, looking relaxed and Daren decided that he had to have her. He sent her an invitation. During several weeks Laura didn´t reply to the invitation. Daren said "hi" several times, started a conversation, but Laura didn´t reply. One day she did reply, and asked Daren if they knew each other, why was hi asking to add her, and Daren replayed that he liked her smile and that she was very attractive. Now you are wondering why on earth would she continue talking to Daren after such a lame justification. First of all, we need to understand who Daren "was" in this virtual reality. 
During all those years when he pretended to be someone else, Daren al…

Seven years of sexual assault

Time went by, Daren´s marriage was not perfect, but was a good marriage. He had a wife who loved him and cared for him. Daren tried to make her happy, but he was to selfish for that. He continued in the course of living a double life, meeting women on social networks, making them falling in love for the image he displayed, usually a male model or an athlete. He had sex phone with them. Did sexting. Shared intimate pictures, and made them think they could have a life together. Finally, after a period doing that with a specific person, Daren would either feel pressured to show himself, either on camera or personally, or his conscience would make him stop, and he would "kill" the character. This is something that really intrigues me. On one hand we have a sociopath, a sexual predator, who  doesn´t care for the feeling and the damage he is inflicting to his victims. But in the other hand, we have this nice guy, loved by his friends and family, who still had a conscience, who ac…

The reborn of the sexual predator

Daren was now 26 years old. He had finish the training related with his church where he met a girl with whom he felt in love. After just tow month he asked her to be his girlfriend and tow three month later he asked her to married him. She accepted.
Daren thought that thing would change now. Whit a wife he would have no need to meet other people. He would have no need to search sexual pleasure on the internet either. being married, he could have all of that - A friend, a companion and a lover. It was a new start for Daren.
His wife was a wonderful woman. Smart, pretty and intelligent. She was very good looking as well. She had grew in a divided household, being raised by her mother alone, who had health issues. He father died when she was very young. So she had to grow up very fast, taking care at time of her mother while she was still a teen. When they get married, then went to live close to her mother, because she was getting worse. In fact, six month after Daren and his wife got m…